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Frequently Asked Questions
How many photos do I need?
There is no minimum for the number of photos required. However, you will find that the number of photos in your library is directly proportional to the quality of each mosaic displayed. This is because more photos means MOSAICinfinite will have more color choices for each pixel of the mosaic. We recommend having at least 1000 photos to produce accurate and beautiful mosaics.
How do I add new photos to MOSAICinfinite?
Each time the screensaver starts, MOSAICinfinite searches your photo library for new photos that have been added since it last ran. You can change which folders are searched in the screensaver settings dialog.
Why do the mosaics seem to have a lot of repeating photos when starting the screensaver for the first time?
Each of your photos is analyzed to calculate their average color, and this information is stored in a database on your computer. When starting for the first time, or after changing the location of your photos, MOSAICinfinite hasn't yet analyzed many photos, and therefore you may see a lot of repeating photos. This will improve as more photos are scanned.
The screensaver takes some time before the first mosaic is displayed. Why is this?
By default, slower computers (with a single-core processor) will search and analyze new images before starting the animation, so that the animation doesn't appear jerky while loading new photos. To change this setting, you can uncheck the "Cache new images before starting animation" option in the screensaver settings dialog.
I think I found a bug. What can I do?
We are working on improving MOSAICinfinite, and your feedback is very helpful. Please send an email to, describing exactly what the error was, and also supply details about your system if possible.